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SDSU Murals

In March 2022, the Behner Stiefel Center for Brazilian Studies commissioned two murals by Brazilian artist Eder Muniz. Muniz traveled to San Diego to paint the  murals on the San Diego State University campus and participate in campus life as part of the Center’s mission to bring Brazil to the SDSU community. The murals transform the aesthetics of campus buildings and contribute to placemaking by resignifying spaces and activating previously bare walls with beautiful, colorful art. Further, the murals contribute to SDSU’s larger collection of murals, such as the Social Justice Murals sponsored by Arts Live and the Love Library murals, and are included as pedagogical material for a variety of courses. Not only did students visit Muniz as he was painting to learn about his process, his theories of color, and how he sees himself in a tradition of Latin American muralism, but now the murals serve as an entrypoint for class discussions on street art, social movements, sustainability, climate change, political violence, and socio-environmental justice. Click below to learn more about the murals and see them in detail.

Leaf Pattern Design

"Boca da Mata"


"Fé nos Nossos"

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