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Art Space

The Digital Brazil Project is pleased to present our 2020-2021 Art Space, focusing on Brazilian street art. Street art offers a powerful and provocative entry point into Brazilian culture. It is both a medium of expression and an intervention in public space that calls for new ways of looking at and transforming the city. Street art is disruptive: it calls on us to stop and look and think about the cities we occupy.  Part of the power of street art is its ephemeral  nature, as buildings and walls bearing works of art are inevitably repainted, torn down, built upon. 


Our curated exhibition of street art features artists at varying moments of their careers from different parts of Brazil, each with their own style and motivation for changing the way we see Brazilian cities. The image gallery shows works ranging from large-scale murals to portraits and pieces in other formats. The accompanying artist spotlights feature long form interviews in English. In the interviews, the artists talk about their artistic choices and why they work in this medium despite the risks of physical danger, legal repercussions, and the possibly short life-span of their work. The Fall and Winter Artist Spotlights feature women artists who make Brazilian streets more beautiful and thought-provoking.

Artist Spotlight Interviews

Mapped Street Art

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