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Interview with

Wilson Rabelo

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Wilson Cesar Barbosa Rabelo was born in 1950 in Belo Horizonte, the capital of the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais. As a very young man, Wilson helped his father, working as an audio technician in local radio stations. From there, his engagement with the arts grew. 


In  the 1970’s, he was involved with political theater. He worked with well-known directors such as João das Neves on the prize winner production, “O último Carro. “ He worked on other productions with the same director, always acclaimed by both critics and the general public. Wilson picked Rio de Janeiro as his home in 1980’s. He kept a critical eye on the difficulties of living in the city, always aware of current affairs in the country. 

Deep social inequalities are portrayed in “Besouro: Cordão de ouro,” “Carolina Maria de Jesus,” “Luxo do lixo,” and the TV series “Por toda minha vida,” where he showed amazing talent playing the great Brazilian songwriter Cartola. 

Recently, Wilson was in Cannes representing alongside Sônia Braga the movie, Bacurau, which the actor likes to say, “… it’s a mixture of accents, races, idioms and genders. It’s Brazil in its most genuine, intriguing essence, uncomfortably real.” 


 In this interview, Wilson talks about his trajectory and his projects.

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