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Interview with

Antônio Carlos Mariano

Foto Antônio Carlos MarianoMariano.jpg

Afro-Brazilian cultural manifestations and Latin America are all represented in the music of Antônio Carlos Mariano. This musician and songwriter incorporates the strength from his ancestry into his melodies and harmonies.  

From the peripheries of Brazil to the most important music festivals where he performs, Mariano leaves a remarkable imprint, and encourages brotherhood among people. 

In this interview and acoustic performance, he discusses his influences linked to the Afro-Brazilian religions, the songs his grandmother used to sing while doing domestic work, and even The Beatles. 

The music festivals throughout the countryside of Brazil also served as a stage for Mariano where he competed with his songs like “Roda,” as well as partnerships with other poets and songwriters in “Dona Arminda.” 

Among his new projects, he is recording an album where he is melding his melodies with the poetry of the great theater personality, Solano Trindade. 

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