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Interview with

Bruno de Jesus

Bruno de Jesus is a Black dance artist born in the city of Salvador who is a ballet dancer, choreographer, educator, curator, and researcher in dance. Master and specialist in Dance UFBA; Doctoral Student and Substitute Professor at the Federal University of Bahia. Creator of the EPA! Peripheral Arts Meeting and general director until the 4th edition in July 2021. He founded Experimentando NUS Cia. de Dança in 2008, in which he signed more than 10 shows and performed without interruption until 2021. One of the coordinators of the 5th edition of the Black Forum of Art and culture. Director of the documentary film RAIMUNDOS: Mestre King and the Male Figures of Dance in Bahia. He is an artist working with research, creation, dissemination, and production in dance and Black cultures

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