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Interview with

Rose Maia

Rose Maia.jpg

Born Rosemary Vieira Maia from the peripheries of urban Rio de Janeiro, this singer/owner of a singular voice became interested in music listening to her mother singing fados and Dolores Duran on the radio growing up. During her teenage years, she participated in student music festivals. 

The challenges for survival led Rose Maia to search for another professional activity: she earned a degree in biology, so during the day she worked at a big hospital in Rio de Janeiro, and at night she sang in bars, theaters, and cultural centers. She met several musicians and songwriters who contributed to cementing her career as a singer and songwriter. 

 In this interview, Rose Maia talks about her trajectory, performing songs she wrote with her partner Reizilan Cartola Neto. 

 The shows, the albums, her new projects, and her main influences (like Elis Regina) are all covered in her laid-back conversation with Quilombo Space. 

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