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Virtual Lectures

November 2020 Virtual Lecture:

Dr. Uja Anya

The works of Brazilian educator and philosopher Paulo Freire (Recife, 1921–1997) have had significant world impact in education, community development, and even community health. As a critical scholar-activist deeply committed to the work of humanization through conscientização —the development of a critical consciousness— Freire not only decried the role educational institutions often play in reproducing inequalities, but emphasized how education could instead be a tool of liberation.

Film Series

In April, the SDSU Brazilian Film Series is screening award-winning cinema directed by Black women: the short films by Rossandra Leone, “Blackout” and “Real Card” and the feature film, Coffee with Cinnamon (co-directed by Glenda Nicácio and Ary Rosa), which is the first feature-length narrative film directed by a Black woman in Brazil in over 30 years.

Streaming in April

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The Quilombo Space is a showcase of independent artists and cultural producers from Brazil’s urban periphery. Quilombo Space is curated and hosted by Flávio Lima, director of Casarti, A Casa do Artista Independente, a cultural center that supports the arts in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. Join Flávio as he interviews the musicians, filmmakers, poets and artists who are changing the cultural landscape of Brazil today.

Art Space

The Art Space offers interpretive exhibitions of Brazilian art. Our 2020-2021 exhibition features  Brazilian street art. See the monthly Artist Spotlight to learn more about the artists transforming Brazilian streets today.

Artist Spotlight:

Panmela Castro

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Community Reporting

As part of our commitment to diversifying the voices represented in English-language media on Brazil, the Community Reporting Initiative features reporters and stories from urban neighborhoods in some of the country’s major metropolitan areas.

Reporting Highlight:

Collaboration with RioOnWatch