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Virtual Lectures

November 2020 Virtual Lecture:

Dr. Uja Anya

The works of Brazilian educator and philosopher Paulo Freire (Recife, 1921–1997) have had significant world impact in education, community development, and even community health. As a critical scholar-activist deeply committed to the work of humanization through conscientização —the development of a critical consciousness— Freire not only decried the role educational institutions often play in reproducing inequalities, but emphasized how education could instead be a tool of liberation.

Film Series

Streaming in February

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Community Reporting

As part of our commitment to diversifying the voices represented in English-language media on Brazil, the Community Reporting Initiative features reporters and stories from urban neighborhoods in some of the country’s major metropolitan areas.

Reporting Highlight:

Collaboration with RioOnWatch

Art Space

The Art Space offers interpretive exhibitions of Brazilian art. Our 2020-2021 exhibition features  Brazilian street art. See the monthly Artist Spotlight to learn more about the artists transforming Brazilian streets today.

Artist Spotlight:

Panmela Castro

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Film Series
Art Space
Community Reporting

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